Braai bargain 

Summer is here and it’s time for alfresco food. After years designing my own adaptable portable kitchen, I browsed a bargain and couldn’t resist 

Quick as a shot I borrowed a van and had a scenic trip towards Newmarket and bought the bargain #BBQ

Pricing up a weekend hog roast, 3 pork shoulders and 3 boneless legs of lamb on the way back.

Straight away my head was shopping for a griddle mesh- a quick visit to #B&Q and two cooking surfaces at £7 each.

Seeing 2 holes made me ponder what they were for ? 

A search online found out the were for a potjie hanger

Brand new the homefires1200 would of cost me nearly £600.

As I stated earlier I had been thinking about a portable field kitchen and had loads of accessories stored away waiting for the time.

It was time 

A recycled saucepan holder will now proudly hang variations of meat kebab skewers over glowing embers.

To the right I am considering heating oil to fry goods especially #churros but need to assess the fire risk.

2 griddles from an old defunct bbq and it’s lid have been utilised to create a pizza oven 

The griddle plates will also sizzle steak with flamegrilled searing and no doubt garlic prawns 

Do love a bargain


#BBQ #BRAAI #Barbeque


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