Loin roasting 

Getting paid to be a corporate chef is rewarding, the al fresco serving of slowly cooked meats is always good.

The smells of the loins as they roast away is enchanting. It seems that this method is best to entice new business as its clean and visual for new potential customers

Throughout the summer we will be developing another grilling concept used by the legions of roman soldiers as a field grill or a “craticula “

A simple stove that can be easily transported between sites and venues. Grilling over charcoal brings out the sugars in meat, caramelising the surfaces with flavour- so whether it’s simple chicken kebabs or a homemade burgers, the charcoal charring enhances the dish 

Simple salads and flatbreads are all you need to supplement your alfresco meals. Whether it been an easy potato salad with chives and mayonnaise or a sliced tomato and red onion accompaniment.

Here’s to happy grilling and endless sun.


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